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  1. Something old, something new in MTT schedule revamp by PKR_Danski

    More events, more guaranteed prize money, more new formats! 26 days ago

  2. Sixes strike on inaugural Jackpot Tournament night by PKR_Danski

    Pair 'flop the devil' to win first jackpot prize 28 days ago

  3. Coming this February on PKR by PKR_Danski

    Liked January? February's even better! 31 days ago

  4. Live or bust! by PKR_Danski

    Join us in London this March for the original, affordable live tournament experience 53 days ago

  5. Coming this January on PKR by PKR_Danski

    Start the year with a bang! 57 days ago

  6. Happy New Year! by PKR_Danski

    Thanks for playing at PKR this year and we hope you'll join us for the next! 62 days ago

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