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  1. Live or bust! by PKR_Danski

    Join us in London this March for the original, affordable live tournament experience 17 days ago

  2. Coming this January on PKR by PKR_Danski

    Start the year with a bang! 21 days ago

  3. Happy New Year! by PKR_Danski

    Thanks for playing at PKR this year and we hope you'll join us for the next! 26 days ago

  4. Top 7 MTT achievements of 2014 by PKR_Danski

    Find out which players made our tourno list this year 26 days ago

  5. Merry Christmas from PKR! by PKR_Danski

    Best wishes from everyone at the black & blue towers 33 days ago

  6. Time to knuckle down by Simon 'Rhymenoceros' Hemsworth

    After a tough 12 months at the felt, Team Pro Simon Hemsworth looks to the year ahead 34 days ago

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