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  1. PKR 3.0

    PKR 3.0 is here! by PKR_Danski

    54 comments 3 days ago

  2. PKR 3.0 preview video

    VIDEO: Preview PKR 3.0 by PKR_Danski

    8 comments 6 days ago

  3. CallingDead

    CallingDead thwarts Marlon hat-trick by PKR_Danski

    9 comments 6 days ago

  4. 1PlayNude

    Advice from the Master by PKR_Danski

    12 comments 6 days ago

  5. Arsenal v Galatasary

    Best price: Welbeck 5/1 to score first by PKR_Danski

    3 comments 6 days ago

  6. Man City Roma

    Money back if Man City lose! by PKR_Danski


  7. PKR 3.0

    PKR 3.0 is coming soon by PKR_Danski

    18 comments 14 days ago

  8. Ryder Cup

    Europe 8/11 to win the Ryder Cup! by PKR_Danski

    1 comment 21 days ago

  9. PKR Live Cannes

    PKR Live Cannes side event schedule announced by PKR_Danski


  10. xGeri93x

    xGeri93x wins Player of the Month by PKR_Danski

    8 comments 6 days ago

  11. Adventures in Wonderland

    Win $150,000 from 2 cents! by PKR_Danski


  12. Balotelli

    Best Price: Balotelli 4/1 to score first! by PKR_Danski

    2 comments 32 days ago

  13. yogabbagabba

    "My wife has now taken a keen interest in poker!" by yogabbagabba

    26 comments 14 days ago

  14. Player of the Month

    VOTE: August's Player of the Month by PKR_Danski

    31 comments 31 days ago

  15. 1PlayNude

    1PlayNude in historic back-to-back Masters win by PKR_Danski

    7 comments 6 days ago

  16. Negreanu

    Negreanu couldn't beat $2/$4 by Simon 'Rhymenoceros' Hemsworth

    17 comments 26 days ago

  17. Trogvar

    I am Trogvar by Roman Khan

    11 comments 14 days ago

  18. World Cup of PKR

    Brookes7890 lifts World Cup of PKR by PKR_Danski

    8 comments 30 days ago

  19. Trogvar

    Trogvar goes blue! by PKR_Danski

    19 comments 52 days ago

  20. Rhymenoceros

    Rhyme ninth at ESPT Barcelona by PKR_Danski

    4 comments 6 days ago

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