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  1. danshreddies

    Danshreddies joins Team PKR Pro! by PKR_Danski

    25 comments 87 days ago

  2. PKR 3.30

    PKR 3.30 - a good day for multi-tablers by PKR_Danski

    17 comments 2 days ago

  3. danshreddies

    Dan shreds PKR Live! by PKR_Danski

    11 comments 118 days ago


    What's on in March by PKR_Danski

    7 comments 57 days ago

  5. Tournament table

    Something old, something new in MTT schedule revamp by PKR_Danski

    20 comments 114 days ago

  6. Jackpot Tournaments

    Sixes strike on inaugural Jackpot Tournament night by PKR_Danski

    6 comments 150 days ago


    Coming this February on PKR by PKR_Danski

    14 comments 150 days ago

  8. PKR Live London 2015

    Live or bust! by PKR_Danski

    11 comments 150 days ago


    Coming this January on PKR by PKR_Danski

    7 comments 175 days ago

  10. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! by PKR_Danski

    24 comments 175 days ago

  11. Top 7 in 2014

    Top 7 MTT achievements of 2014 by PKR_Danski

    7 comments 134 days ago

  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from PKR! by PKR_Danski

    14 comments 207 days ago

  13. simon hemsworth

    Time to knuckle down by Simon 'Rhymenoceros' Hemsworth

    11 comments 155 days ago

  14. Elz442

    A year to remember by Eleanor Gudger

    3 comments 209 days ago

  15. Trogvar

    No joy in Namur by Roman Khlan

    1 comment 190 days ago

  16. Trogvar

    Notes from London by Roman Khlan

    5 comments 224 days ago

  17. Elz442

    From 2,133 to 1 by Eleanor Gudger

    7 comments 218 days ago

  18. Christmas at PKR

    Coming this December on PKR by PKR_Danski

    20 comments 221 days ago

  19. Aguero

    Manchester City v Bayern Munich preview by PKR_Danski

    2 comments 203 days ago

  20. World Poker Tour

    Hero & zero for Team Pro at WPT by PKR_Danski

    2 comments 226 days ago

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