Triple Crown star Jake Cody joins Team PKR Pro!

Superstar UK young gun becomes seventh member to join Team

By PKR_Danski on Thursday 17 Nov 2011 12:00

Triple Crown, $3 million in earnings and he's only 23!

Jake Cody

We are delighted to announce the addition of UK poker star Jake Cody to Team PKR Pro! In his already illustrious career, the 23-year old Leeds resident has won four major live tournaments, notably a trio of EPT, WPT and WSOP titles which sent him into the history books earlier this year as the youngest player to win poker's Triple Crown.

Jake's journey began with his first (and only) online deposit of $10 which he subsequently turned into a fortune, honing his skills as a multi-table tournament grinder before turning his attention to cash games. He exploded into the live arena in 2010, collecting $1.2m for victory at EPT Deauville, defeating the PKR cash game villain Teodor 'Goldeneyehd' Caraba heads-up. 

After his EPT win, he went on to claim a WPT London title for $425,000, completing the set the following year with a prestigious victory in the inaugural $25K buy-in 2011 WSOP Heads-up Championship, where he accounted for Gus Hansen and Yevgeniy Timoshenko en route to his first bracelet.

With lifetime tournament earnings in excess of $2.8 million - good for 13th in the All Time GB Money List - a major online title worth $234K to his name and a fearsome reputation as one of the game great young guns, Jake is the ultimate addition to Team PKR Pro.

Jake Cody

We caught up with our new Pro earlier this week to find out how he was feeling. "I'm very VERY excited about joining Team PKR Pro" said Jake. "I've been patient with sponsorship, waiting for the right deal to come along. When I spoke to PKR I was really impressed with the whole setup and the ideas that they have going forward, and I knew straight away I wanted to be part of it! It’s a great site to be involved with right now and I think I can help take it to the next level".

Please join us in welcoming our new star who, aside from globetrotting in search of million dollar binks, will be giving us his invaluable insights in Raise Your Game, Stacked, on the PKR Forums and on PKR TV.

Take on Jake!
You'll get your first chance to meet Jake in this weekend's Bounty Day promotion, where he'll be taking to the PKR felt as the host of two events. Also on Sunday night, Jake will be taking on one lucky challenger in the next 'Pwn a Pro' heads-up clash, to be featured in the upcoming issue of Stacked magazine. If you'd like to take Jake on for $500 (you even get $200 if you lose!), register now for tonight's JakeCody's Pwn a Pro lotto, which starts at 21:30 GMT.


im inpressed!! great signing by pkr of one of the best new talents of the game!!.. wp pkr and gg cody!!! /bosh

Comment by eddy26888 - 18/11/11 (Report)

I'm glad PKR got him to lose all that gel and he did a little something different with his hair in the pics.

Comment by Wobblebottom - 17/11/11 (Report)

Edited on: 17 Nov 2011 22:25

Bring in and outsider. Nice slap in the face for the regulars that have supported this site all along. No more Pro's from within the ranks any more /sad

Comment by shanebo - 17/11/11 (Report)

Top acquisition!

Comment by Numero37 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Welcome Mr.Cody & massive congrats to PKR for nailing one of the best pro`s..... gl on the tables

Comment by Mergy - 17/11/11 (Report)

mbarile wash your mouth out with soap - never heard of Jack Cody /tut lol

Comment by xScampx - 17/11/11 (Report)

what a result....massive bink for pkr

Comment by dooza92 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo I'm so excited and I think I like it /dance - Nice one PKR and Welcome Mr Cody :D

Comment by xScampx - 17/11/11 (Report)

Edited on: 17 Nov 2011 19:44

welcome x

Comment by baxgemden - 17/11/11 (Report)

That's soooo cool :) wp PKR, what a great move - fri is right royally flushed yay and welcome to the bestest poker site Jake mwah mwah

Comment by friedagaric - 17/11/11 (Report)

YEAH YW and GL Jake

Comment by INFRASCHALL - 17/11/11 (Report)

Never heard of him but welcome to PKR!!! I'll Google him later

Comment by mbarile - 17/11/11 (Report)

congrats to Cody!!! but why do they have pictures of K.D. Lang in the article???

Comment by MotherOfSix - 17/11/11 (Report)

Edited on: 17 Nov 2011 16:35

fantastic sign,lets hope he can bring some field to PKR,but deffo will bring the brand forward.

1 year signed?

Comment by brutusnr1 - 17/11/11 (Report)

He's NOT FROM LEEDS, that's like saying a Manc lives In Liverpool......... Get it right ffs. Hes from Rochdale which is in Lancashire. Huge capture and great too see he held out for the largest Cheque :-0

Comment by PlazaPlayer - 17/11/11 (Report)

I had my hair cut/coloured like him in tribute to this momentus day for both PKR and Jake... I have huge respect for Jake, a great player and easily one of the nicest guys around socially - perfect for Team PKR!!! GL Buddy

Comment by james666 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Oh no the PKR bad hair pro gang grows

Comment by TwiceJinxed - 17/11/11 (Report)

Wow, that's pretty huge!

Lend us a tenner Jake ;-)

Comment by Littlewood - 17/11/11 (Report)

Nice catch

Comment by Marlon67 - 17/11/11 (Report)

As far as outsiders go he aint half bad ;)

I have to admit I doubted PKR could pull something off on this scale. There are obviously some epic plans in the pipeline for over the next 12/24 months and this feels like the start of the big BANG.

Congrats and the best of luck to Jake and PKR.

Comment by Destacker - 17/11/11 (Report)

Very nice :D i must say that ur picture makes u look a litle bit like chow from the hangover upper one

Comment by cirstarcap - 17/11/11 (Report)

Welcome Jake,Amazing news,Look forward to seeing you on the tables

Comment by ExpensiveTASTE - 17/11/11 (Report)


Comment by iEatPiXies1 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Congratulations and welcome to PKR! everytime I turn the Poker channel on, your on there! and now your playing at PKR!! brilliant :)

Comment by PKR_MattW - 17/11/11 (Report)

wow unbelievable they signed such a big name. Nice to see him play at this site

Comment by karatsj - 17/11/11 (Report)

Welcome to the nuthouse Jake and very well done PKR, great great news!!!

Comment by Kakabuku - 17/11/11 (Report)

Fantastic signing PKR....but he's from Rochdale. Cody is by far the best young up an coming poker player. So excited!

Comment by KissMyAce9 - 17/11/11 (Report)

PKR just keeps on getting stronger....many congrats guys.

Comment by MRDICKIE - 17/11/11 (Report)


Comment by brentos - 17/11/11 (Report)

very impressive , nice one,welcome to pkr

Comment by lundon8 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Never heard of him!

Comment by ThinWhiteDuke - 17/11/11 (Report)

are you fu**ing kidding me!!? This is huge!

Comment by LaiBin - 17/11/11 (Report)

Wooooow what a signing. A proper bIg name addition. Welcome to pkr. Great work pkr

Comment by pauly561 - 17/11/11 (Report)

One of the best young Pro's in the world. Well done PKR and a warm welcome Jake.

Comment by royals - 17/11/11 (Report)

Nice one, a sign of good things ahead for both Jake and PKR I hope!!

Comment by ForFoxSake - 17/11/11 (Report)

Welcome Cody!!

Comment by giannispermin - 17/11/11 (Report)

Great signing fantastic news!

Comment by BenW77 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Woooo - I was bang on !!!!

Congrats to PKR for bringing in such an awesome player ;)

Comment by ZxDaKeV - 17/11/11 (Report)

Brilliant addition to the pro team.

Comment by tyger007 - 17/11/11 (Report)


awesome pick!
Welcome and give me your money!


Comment by Crocetti - 17/11/11 (Report)

awesome signing, awesome player, gl Jake. most of us are a bit mad, but i's sure u will fit it nicely :o)

Comment by garyzak - 17/11/11 (Report)

Best pick and fit for PKR IMO. Well done and welcome Jake, you will have fun here I'm sure

Comment by AnfieldAssassin - 17/11/11 (Report)

Leeds?? wtf?!? Im pretty sure he's from the dale....Great signing btw - Rochdale pros ftw!!

Comment by Walshieblue - 17/11/11 (Report)

Very nice!!!

Welcome to the mad house Jake!!

Comment by Elz442 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Holy shit! :)

Comment by Trymean77 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Nice one PKR - welcome Jake !! Looking forward to seeing your avatar at the tables....

Comment by ThisCharmingMan - 17/11/11 (Report)

awesome welcome jake :) just as i predicted :)

Comment by kevster102 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Very impressive and awsome signing /finally
Welcome to Cody also!! Best of luck (not that u need it) around this place!

Comment by Deliiight - 17/11/11 (Report)


Comment by LockeLamora - 17/11/11 (Report)

Im so clever its sick, knew it. I should win 100k for that guess

Comment by flesicher123 - 17/11/11 (Report)

Wow - just wow - Cody is an awesome player - really enjoyed watching the little of him I've seen on tv. Big ups PKR - you deffo pulled one out here ;)

Comment by lugfest396 - 17/11/11 (Report)

impressive nice one

Comment by jimmyfizzels - 17/11/11 (Report)


Comment by mattgr77 - 17/11/11 (Report)

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