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Play PKR on your mac...

By PKR_Billy on Friday 18 Sep 2009 13:30

You spoke and we listened.

Great news! If you are a Mac user, you can now download and play the web’s coolest poker room on your machine. As long as your computer meets the specifications (listed below) you can enjoy all of the great features that only PKR offers.

What are the minimum specs?

For your Mac to run PKR it must meet the following requirements.

  • Processor: Any Intel processor (not PowerPC).
  • Operating System: Leopard (Mac OS X v10.5.7) or Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v10.6)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Graphics Card: A graphics card with at least 32mb of RAM. The intel gma 950 card is not supported.
  • Hard Drive space: Around 1.5 GB
  • Internet Connection: Broadband
  • Other: Safari 4, Firefox 3 or similar browser.


How do I download the Mac version?

  1. Click "Download" on the right hand side of this page
  2. Then select "Download PKR for Mac Now"
  3. Once the installer has downloaded, Double-click the icon to install PKR Poker
  4. Onscreen instructions will guide you through the installation process
  5. After installation you will see "PKR Poker" added to your applications list, ready to be dragged to your dock should you wish



Please update this to allow windowing. I know cmnd enter lets you window but it is very frustrating having to full screen when only one table is open

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sort this.. surely it cant be that hard?

Comment by Knowleyboy - 08/11/12 (Report)

I use MacBook Air, i installed the software, but there is an error when it starting "video hardware acceleration required"

Comment by DarkBTR - 25/09/12 (Report)

Pkr poker

Comment by Rogerke2308 - 13/11/11 (Report)

I need installation program PKR

Comment by alfredot - 10/04/11 (Report)

its shit canrt find were i play it

Comment by kieran16kemp - 26/09/10 (Report)

Is there an iPad version under development?

Comment by OLD_GillouStyle - 18/05/10 (Report)

Use command enter to resize your PKR window..., now you can do other stuff then only PKR...

Comment by Bata4 - 20/04/10 (Report)

Is it possible to play in a window now?

Comment by Reubman - 03/04/10 (Report)

PLZ, make it for my PowerMac, my laptop is getting to warm to play at,.. When I'm playing it's about 80-90 degrees, so I have to have 2x 120mm fan's under it, and it's still 70 degrees =o/
Otherwise I can't play much longer, my lap will burn I think..

Comment by TripsNravE - 02/03/10 (Report)

It really is a great app, but if i cant browse while playing (or do anything else), its really frustrating. Are there plans to be able to run this in a window (adjust screen size during play)?

Comment by xGOLDFINGERx - 02/02/10 (Report)

Great job!

But how about the hand history?

Comment by somerick - 22/12/09 (Report)

well played ;)

Comment by Audiojack - 25/11/09 (Report)

The only application I missed from my PC.
Thanks a lot PKR Team !
Well played !

Why not run PKR in a window ? We are waiting for this ! ;-)

Comment by OLD_Mutafukaz - 29/10/09 (Report)

yes finaly thank you pkr......

Comment by mibaereyo - 07/10/09 (Report)

Having problems with sound using my Bose Companion 5, hearing loads of distorssions while playing the game, problems go away if I just use screen speakers, weird tho :s, any thoughts?

Comment by jcoomonte - 23/09/09 (Report)

THANKS PKR! For a while there we thought you 'weren't listening' but CLEARLY you were!!!
PKR rules! :)

Comment by Smoov - 23/09/09 (Report)

Thanks for building this I will deffo be playing again now that I don't need to run PKR in a virtual machine. However, I do have some constructive feedback:-

1.) Generally speaking, Mac users don't like "installers". We prefer to simply drag the .app icon to our desired location. Many Mac apps will simply provide an alias to /Applications within the .dmg image. (See firefox for an example)

From a security point of view, I am always sceptical from authenticating programs written by other people (Yes that includes the installer program!) at least when I am dragging an application to the /Applications directory, I know exactly which files are going where!

2.) Can you add an option to run PKR in a window? Although the game looks stunning on my 24" monitor, sometimes I like to surf the web and chat using iChat / MSN etc while playing.

3.) Where is the anti-aliasing options?

Great work, hope this feedback finds it's way back to the developers to make a good 1st version even be

Comment by GargoyleX - 22/09/09 (Report)

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I switched to PC in december 2008 and that the one and only thing I missed from a PC!!!!!!!!

Comment by kaaliss - 22/09/09 (Report)


Comment by xxxtbagxxx - 21/09/09 (Report)

looks like I'm going to be playing on PKR from now on

Comment by davidhammersley - 20/09/09 (Report)

I am really thrilled that a Mac version is now available. Thank you PKR!

Comment by SaintTee - 20/09/09 (Report)

Any sign of a version that will run on Linux/ubuntu any time soon?

Comment by nedsproston - 20/09/09 (Report)

It rules!

Comment by phatbrass - 19/09/09 (Report)

ive been waiting for this! Mac rulez!

Comment by GimoNg - 19/09/09 (Report)

thank you I can now get rid of this horrible vista operating system and buy a decent machine

Comment by wearrapeeple - 19/09/09 (Report)

It is an absolutely perfect app, thanks for listening to the Mac community and developing the application :)

Comment by NATOuk - 19/09/09 (Report)

Finally!! Thanks a lot! :-)

Comment by Bogart57 - 18/09/09 (Report)

Great news!!

Comment by VelvetSnow - 18/09/09 (Report)


Now I can finally delete vista from my mac book!

Thanks PKR team!

Comment by ARoBA - 18/09/09 (Report)

This is perfect, now i can start playing on my mac!!

Good job!!!

Comment by SuusMies - 18/09/09 (Report)

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