vd12345 wins the PKR Live III Main Event!

A new champion is crowned!

By PKR_Danski on Monday 23 Nov 2009 17:45

A full roundup of the year's most important PKR event!

PKR Live III Main Event champion vd12345 with PKR CEO Malcolm Graham

A field of 134 began their quest for a slice of PKR history on Saturday, and after over 18 hours of play, Londoner Vincent 'vd12345' Diver emerged victorious as the PKR Live III Main Event champion!

PKR Live III Main Event 21-22 November 2009

Buy-in: $1,000
Runners: 134
Prize pool: $134,000

Position Player Payout
1 vd12345 $33,500
2 badboy579 $20,100
3 bulletproofJ  $14,740
4 pokerkate88  $11,658
5 Najammq  $10,050
6 Waswini  $8,040
7 geoffbrent  $6,365
8  panolis  $4,690
9 TreeFree  $3,417
10  EspenKR  $2,948
11  caban  $2,023
12 Maur1ce  $2,023
13  Rattus  $2,023
14  ScottyStarburst  $2,023
15 PirateNation  $2,023
16 ddaz83  $1,675
17 flynndig  $1,675
18 Brahimh  $1,675
19 Littlewood  $1,675
20 AcesElky  $1,675

A tournament that began with Vincent 'vd12345' Diver busting the first player out (with A-A to HYPERGAMBLER's Q-Q) to gain the chip lead, ended with Vincent, Vince or Vinny (depending on who you are) busting UK tournament circuit regular Toby 'badboy579' Lewis to win PKR's biggest ever prize along with a fine trophy. 

The 21-year old Londoner, a regular on PKR's Forums since he joined in 2007, became the third PKR Live Main Event champion, following in the footsteps of escalope and discomonkey. Having won his $1,000 seat through a $5 satellite, he went on to notch the biggest win of his poker career so far, taking home $33,500 - the single biggest payout in PKR's short history.

Vincent arrived at the final table with 117,000 in chips, just short of the 130,000 average but still in third place behind the two big stacked aggressors, badboy579 (314,000) and bulletproofJ (302,000). Having hung in while others fell by the wayside, Vincent eventually got his chips in on a flip to double up, before playing his way to heads-up against the dangerous badboy579, the accepted favourite to win from 20 left. Despite a chip deficit of 440K-to-850K, Vincent was not deterred, and doubled up, taking the chip lead in the most crucial hand of the tournament with A-Q to badboy579's T-8, Vincent calling his opponent's four-bet shove pre flop.

After that hand, and with the blinds at 8,000/16,000/1,000, badboy579's stack fell below 300,000 and his number was up. On the final hand, badboy579 moved in with A-T, and after tanking for some time (telling his opponent "this is my favourite hand"), Vincent made the call with 2-2. Five bricks later, and the room erupted with cheers for their man, a Community member, forumite and now PKR Live champion, immortalised in our history!

In the money
Unsurprisingly from the toughest PKR Live field to date, the final 20 featured many popular faces, with LockeLamora the unlucky bubble boy, busting in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was outlasted by the in-form AcesElky, Grand Slam qualifier Brahimh, MTT rankings leader flynndig, long-time big stack PirateNation and cash gamer ScottyStarburst.

Final table
The final ten featured five Brits alongside players from France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Norway, with an age range of 20-37 years old.

Eventual runner up badboy579 entered the final table with the chip lead gained from a huge pot won with A-Q v J-J (and some classy play to boot), and navigated his way stylishly to heads-up. However a mistep early into heads-up play (with T-8 v A-Q) cost badboy his chip lead, the momentum and arguably the title.

Portsmouth's bulletproofJ, friend of Kingand77, earned his status as one of the favourites to win with some selective, fearless poker, yet his run came to an end at the hands of badboy579, to the chagrin of his own rail.

Switzerland's pokerkate88 found his way quietly to the final table, but a scarcity of playable hands saw his stack dwindle to just a few big blinds and after jumping several places up the payout ladder, he busted in fourth place for a tasty $11K payout.

Veteran cash game regular Najammq carried the hopes of many on his shoulders, turning his miniscule Day Two stack into over 200,000, having arrived 30 mins late and moved in every hand til he doubled up! Every inch the cool and calm but deadly shark, he played some great poker at the final table, taking on nemesis badboy579 in several tense pots before finally busting in fifth place to worthy applause from the assembled crowd.

Frenchman Waswini attracted much attention from the large contingent who crossed the Channel, playing a patient yet spirited game to finish sixth.

Community man geoffbrent reached the final table with the second smallest stack (50,000), and despite huge support both online and on the rail, could never get anything going and departed in seventh place, a smile on his face throughout the event.

Spain's panolis entered the final table with 91,000, the third smallest stack, and despite a handy double-up, busted the very next hand when his K-9 suited steal fell short. He picked up $4,690 for his fine effort.

Portugal's TreeFree reached the final table in a precarious position with just 39,000 - the short stack, but managed to climb one spot courtesy of an A-A double up, before busting in ninth place.

Many people's pick to win, EspenKR began the final with 103,000 but saw his chance disappear after losing two crucial races to the big stacks at the table. The Norwegian took the dubious honour of first out at the final, picking up $2,948 as consolation.

Read the champ's first day-after post, and check out all the stories from the weekend in the PKR Live III Lounge.

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label the pictures....i want to put the names to faces ;) see whos taking my money lmao
PKR is top of its game nice crowd too!

Comment by Shoeshine - 14/12/09 (Report)

Well Played!

Couldn't have been won by a nicer guy.

Comment by Bozzy08 - 25/11/09 (Report)

Well done :)

Comment by Micheal774 - 25/11/09 (Report)

Congrats and well played :):)

Comment by poseidon1963 - 25/11/09 (Report)

Very well done Vince, was great watching you take this down and well deserved :)


Comment by Pkr1princess - 25/11/09 (Report)

gratz vd and all the other winners too. He deserved it impressive performance wd m8

Comment by Skillz85 - 25/11/09 (Report)

wp vinnie

Comment by brian27 - 24/11/09 (Report)

haha. I wish that was deliberate, but sadly not. Mistake corrected - sorry bullet ;)

Comment by PKR_Danski - 24/11/09 (Report)

lol @ 'Southampton's bulletproofJ'...... Danski Im from Portsmouth lol, please change this. Any other city in the world I wouldnt mind.

Comment by bulletproofJ - 24/11/09 (Report)

Well done Buddy.

Comment by MickL84 - 23/11/09 (Report)

Deservingly so!! You gotta have seen the game to know what a great player he really is. I'm happy for the community that "one of us" has taken it down. Job well done!

Comment by pcsurgeon - 23/11/09 (Report)

Very well deserved Vinnie!!!
Soooo happy for ya!!!

Comment by Tigerrr - 23/11/09 (Report)

Excellent result for a top bloke.

Hope this is the springboard for a great career Vince!

Comment by Modge - 23/11/09 (Report)

Congrats and wp all

Comment by Fortet - 23/11/09 (Report)

whoop,nice 1 vd a well deserved win mate

Comment by mrj1210 - 23/11/09 (Report)

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