PKR TV hits 500,000 YouTube views

Good times for poker channel where PKR players are the stars of the show

By PKR_Danski on Monday 3 Dec 2012 15:15

Rachael Downie

It has captured the greatest moments from PKR's virtual felt - from PatIvey's back to back Masters wins, to the unorthodox cash game brilliance of Beyne, Rocken1900, ElJardi, Patatosalatas and GolgeJ - plus some of our favourite offline events from across the globe. And now, thanks to all of you, PKR TV's YouTube channel has broken 500,000 views.

In the past few years, the PKR TV studio has absorbed words of poker wisdom from Colin Morris, Ashley Hames, Phil Galfond, Jake Cody and DJ Talent (yes, apparently it did actually happen). The current PKR TV crew - Rachael, Dan and Scott - continues to bring you the best bluffs, hero calls and value bets from the tables of our wierd and wonderful poker room. 

We much prefer progress to nostalgia, but here's a quick nod to where it all started!

In the beginning...

The present day


Forget the 500k views the key to success is to put the blonde to strip you ll get 10 million views fast :))

Comment by pandalezu - 04/12/12 (Report)

Nice ideas Foxy. Will bear in mind when we look at next phase in development of the channel in 2013. I think there's lots we arent doing that could make a difference. Also, the hand replayer should be great - once that's up and running, we'll open up a 'player submissions' wall on our YT channel, so people can upload hands (mostly beats, I'd imagine!). All suggestions welcomed, as always.

Comment by PKR_Danski - 04/12/12 (Report)

make a /Gangnam style emote and you'll be over 13 million before you know it.

Comment by NEBBI - 04/12/12 (Report)

Ding-Ding :)) Woo-Hoo @ Next Stop One Million !!!

Comment by demedom - 03/12/12 (Report)

Edited on: 03 Dec 2012 18:09


I know you guys are all for progress but it would be great to see all the Masters uploaded at some point , always great to see players winning chunks :-)

Also, don't know if it's possible but would be nice if players could be tagged in the vids so you can do a search for a player and see all the vids they are in, sure Rocken would get lots of hits for example :-)

Comment by ForFoxSake - 03/12/12 (Report)

Edited on: 03 Dec 2012 17:04

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