New on PKR TV: May's Masters

Scott Shelley and weplayany2 preside over the latest small screen replay

By PKR_Danski on Sunday 9 Sep 2012 09:00

To watch in HD, click here and select 720p quality setting


Nice viewing when you're in it ;-) and I wish that I came in as the chipleader like Danski said in the intro, he means the other dutch guy "Rdewolf" ................ did i realy play that many hands on this FT ?? hehe, maybe had my fair share in the key hands so they made the final tv cut like the two times trip7s from Tyger007 ( it's all in the name he ? ) another congrats man. Still don't hate the 7s hehe

Comment by MasterRed - 12/09/12 (Report)

A prime example of what sheer luck can do.

Comment by HoKuZpOkErZ - 11/09/12 (Report)

\Finally. :-)

Comment by tyger007 - 11/09/12 (Report)

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