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Video footage from Vegas as PKR players Rattus and Mammamy agree to tie the knot

By PKR_Danski on Friday 17 Aug 2012 12:00

We love a good poker romance, and none has touched us like that of former Masters champion Rattus and Swedish partner Mammamy. The pair travelled to Vegas during this year's WSOP, and the PKR TV crew was privileged to be able to capture the moment when the groom popped the question on a gondola inside the Venetian!

Rattus was delighted with the result. "I'm so happy right now, I must thank PKR because without you I would never have met such an amazing girl." For Mammamy it was a snap-call. "When he proposed I couldn't have been happier. No decision. I said yes immediately. Thank you PKR!'

We're delighted for both of you - awesome people who deserve every happiness in the future. /WP :)


Well played Stuart, that was awesome :)

Comment by TheSqueeze - 19/08/12 (Report)

Playing WAY above your bank roll Rattus!! Ha Congrats guys. Top bloke. Very pleased for you ;) KK

Comment by KKowboy - 18/08/12 (Report)

Congrats, Punching above his weight

Comment by shanebo - 18/08/12 (Report)

aawww soooo sweet! You two are just amazing and wonderful people and i'm happy you still going stronger then ever! <3 Congrats and hope u have many many years of happiness!! xxx

Comment by Deliiight - 17/08/12 (Report)

Soooooooo Romantic, /awww, congrats both x

Comment by Pkr1princess - 17/08/12 (Report)


May your years together be filled with happiness, tolerance, patience, kindness and above all....love. :)

Comment by gecko4you - 17/08/12 (Report)

Awwwwwwwww, how sweet!!!!!!! Grats to the both of ya! Good catch Mammamy! :-)

Comment by Tigerrr - 17/08/12 (Report)

Congrats to both of ya <3<3<3<3 Good choice Rattus, swedish girls are the best ;) And good choice to mammamy as well, the little ive talked to rattus at the tables he seems to be a really really nice guy! <3<3

Comment by Durrrrsucks - 17/08/12 (Report)

Congrats :) all the best and many years of happiness

Comment by craigo1010 - 17/08/12 (Report)

congrats to you both

Comment by Mergy - 17/08/12 (Report)

And a loads of little poker babiesss :D

Comment by Trymean77 - 17/08/12 (Report)

Edited on: 17 Aug 2012 15:24

Nawww <3 Hope you'll have an amazing life together :)

Comment by Trymean77 - 17/08/12 (Report)

Fantastic congrats.

Comment by royals - 17/08/12 (Report)

As already said on facebook - Congrats to the both of you and best wishes for the future - How romantic! :D

Comment by xScampx - 17/08/12 (Report)

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