Make Friends

Socialise with your PKR buddies and make new ones...

In game play

PKR is much more than just a poker room. Our interactive software enables you to network with your poker buddies and make new ones as well as post statuses and get updates from others.

Adding Friends
As soon as you log into the PKR client you can start making friends. Simply click on any player from a table you wish become friends with and then from the next drop down menu select ‘Send friend request’.

Accepting friend requests
As soon as someone requests to become your friend you will be notified both within the PKR client and on Simply click on the pending friend requests to see who has added you and then accept or decline that request.

Posting statuses
Let your friends know how you feel by posting status updates. Log into the client and then type in your current status under your PKR details on the lobby page. This will be able to be viewed by everyone you have as a friend.

Sending messages
When you're logged in at, it's possible to send messages to any player on PKR. If you wish to message a friend you will be able to find your friend list within the ‘MYPKR’ section of the site. If the person you wish to message isn’t yet a friend then you can find them using the ‘Player Search’ option within the ‘Community’ section.

Simply click on the name of the person you wish to message and then select ‘Messages’ from the tab on that person's profile. You can then send them a message of up to 1000 characters. This message will not be private.

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